Students with headteacher

Mediaeval Knights’ Challenges

28th May 2018

In Year 2 this week the children have been discovering the ten stages to becoming a Knight, one of which is to design their own coat of arms. They quite liked step 1 which informed them they didn’t have to go to school, but weren’t so keen on the fact that they had to go and live away from their families!

They have also been busy refining and finishing their shields, having created their own crests and used this to inform their design of their shields. They are all justifiably pleased with their results.

In Science the children have been competing in a variety of Mediaeval knights’ challenges to find out which knight (or magnet) is the strongest. Their knights have been jousting, scaring off dragons, rescuing princesses and racing using just the powers of attraction and repulsion. What a fun way to end our term’s work on forces!

Finally the children have begun to find out about the importance of Ramadan to Muslims and why it is celebrated. Nabela and Moiz in 2CO/EPS were very keen to share their knowledge of Ramadan with their class.

Next half term our topic will be Seaside Holidays. Please could every child bring in a family holiday photograph, ideally taken in a seaside location. We will be looking at seaside holidays through the ages and would love to see photographs of their parents or grandparents as well as themselves! Please ensure that all photographs are named on the back so that they can be photocopied and returned to their correct owners. Digital copies can be emailed to your child’s class teacher if preferred. Thanks in advance!!!