Students with headteacher

Samuel Pepys’ Writings

18th March 2019

This week we were all pretending to be Samuel Pepys in 1666 and wrote a diary recording the events in London from Sunday 2nd September 1666 to 6th September 1666. We had to make sure that we added plenty of detail by using adjectives. Writing with a quill proved challenging but helped fuel our imaginations. Keir described how the  ‘ashes were leaping about while the spreading, scorching smoke burnt. Tilly ended her diary by commenting ‘However one person isn’t enough to fight one huge fire, you would need everyone because this fire is still burning!’ whilst Emily asked ‘’Will London ever survive this or will all die?’ Using Shelton’s code to write our own messages has been great fun! We wonder if you could decipher our secret messages?

During Maths we have continued learning how to tell the time. Some are now reading the time in 5 minute intervals but most of us need continued practise at home. Telling the time is a skill that needs continuous revisiting until it is mastered!

IT lessons have involved programming our own instructions to move characters and allow them to perform various functions in a Fire of London setting.