Sayers Croft – a fantastic weekend! (Photos on website)

A big, big thank you to Mrs Pitcaithly, Mrs Bogdanovski, Mrs Farmer, Miss Jones and Miss Tanfara, who worked so hard to ensure the children enjoyed every minute … and by all accounts, were very successful:

“I loved the obstacle course. You had to be blindfolded and you have a guide. Though I hated the tunnel because I could not get through. We wore a safety helmet. We got all muddy afterwards. The maze was quite hard. We had to find our way out on our own” by Katherine

“Friday was a good day at Sayers Croft because we went in the woods. We had to build a home and it had to be waterproof. We made it out of sticks and leaves. Then we had to find some stars and put them on the bag” by Beau

I nipped down to visit the children on Saturday and witnessed some extremely funny rafting moments, with Deba shouting ‘Abandon Ship’ and her paddling partner, Katherine, observing ‘I wish my Mummy was here, she’s good at rowing’!

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