Sharing their learning

8th February 2019

Polar animals have captured our interest this week. We have been researching a polar creature of our choice during IT lessons and created a fact file to record the key facts. This week we have started compiling our very own non-fiction book about our creature. After investigating a collection of information books from the library, we agreed on features of a non-fiction book that we needed to include. We look forward to completing these booklets next week so that our parents can read them and find out more about polar animals. Some children have already bought in their half-termly fact file homework; a reminder to parents that this is due on Thursday, 14 February. It is always marvellous to see the pride on the childrens’ faces as they share their home learning with their teachers and friends.

We have all enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and have been especially interested in finding out more about the Chinese calendar.