Studying famous Inventors

Mrs Bogdanovski’s Year 2 class have been studying famous inventors and found out the following information:   George Stephenson was an engineer.  He built the first public railway line in the world to use steam.  He became the “father of railways.”   He made a train called the Rocket.  The Rocket went as fast as 60 miles and 97km.  Nicholas Hall    Alexander Bell invented the telephone.  His mum was deaf.  Bell went to school for five years from ten to fourteen.  But he never stopped working.  Toby Hendrikse  Isambard Kingdom Brunel was an engineer.  He loved maths.  He made a railway bigger than the original railways.  It went from London to Bristol.  He built three ships.  The first one was Great Western it was made out of wood; the second ship was made of iron, the third was the  Great Eastern it was made out of iron. Katherine Munro

Mrs Pitcaithly’s class decided to replicate Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge using newspaper, thread and tape.  They worked closely in teams and Neve proved to be a very good engineer.  The most successful bridge is on display in the Pre-Prep library.   They also made paper cup and string ‘telephones’ after learning about Alexander Graham Bell, and were surprised to find out that they worked if the string was taut.

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