Students with headteacher

Supertato’s vegetable friends went missing!!

6th October 2018

What drama we had in Year 2 this week when Supertato’s vegetable friends went missing! The children wanted to help with investigations and assist in finding them. We spent a great deal of our playtime on Tuesday interviewing friends and teachers. We decided to compile ‘Wanted’ posters to help. Fortunately we were already well-prepared with the collection of descriptive vocabulary that we had worked on last week. Putting all these adjectives into a full character description was challenging but we were successful as feedback from people who had read our posters resulted in the vegetables being found!

During Humanities, we continued recording – onto a world map – where foods we buy originate from, and then adding details from these countries into our school passports.

Maths has involved shape work. We have challenged ourselves to find lines of symmetry using mirrors and folding.  Identifying right angles was tricky so we have challenged the children to continue looking out for them on objects at home.