The Beach

The children have been thinking about the sounds and sights of the beach and wrote poems using their different senses. The class thought really hard about the quality of the different adjectives that they used as you can see:

I go to the seaside and what do I hear? A vicious sea lion, that’s what I hear. Louis R

I go to the seaside and what do I see? Thunderous crashing waves, that’s what I see. Beth

I go to the seaside and what do I touch? The sparkling clear water, that’s what I touch. Polly

I go to the seaside and what do I taste? Delicious golden honey ice cream, that’s what I taste. Cosmic

Mrs Doran’s class were put into pairs and each wrote a sentence to form this wonderful poem;

There’s lovely creatures by the sea,
The water twinkles in the sun,
Hide your food a seagull might steal it!
Punch and Judy make us laugh.
Let’s go and swim in the deep dark ocean
Among the rocks the sharks are waiting
Whoops! A whale shark just ate me!

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