We enjoyed showing off our hard work to the parents this week. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate the effort that your children have put into their work, by popping in to the classrooms to look at their books.

On Tuesday the candles were lit, classical music was playing and our special pencils were poised. This could only mean one thing – Big Write time! Imaginations were very active as we wrote our stories about the day a fire-breathing dragon came to school. Mrs Swadling should be relieved that Harrison’s swimming dragon is not really residing in the school swimming pool and that Aiden’s sleeping dragon is not stretched out sleeping on our school roof.

During science we investigated which materials are most waterproof and we are confident that we could make a waterproof boat for the River Thames. We designed “Silly Inventions” to show our understanding of properties of materials. This appealed to our humour but we were also able to explain why dinner plates are best not made of jelly!