This week the children wrote our newsletter about the trip to Hever Castle:

I was looking forward to seeing the magnificent Hever Castle – Kia

I was looking forward to seeing the armour – Blossom

As we approached Hever Castle I was amazed at how ancient it looked – Ethan

We learnt Hever Castle didn’t actually belong to Henry V111! It belonged to Anne Boleyn! – Rosie

The castle was defended because it had a portcullis, moat and drawbridge. – Gianluca

I noticed that the moat was disgusting and dirty. – Mia

The water maze was such fun! It was my best thing! – Tara

I noticed the murder holes which they used to throw hot oil and toilet waste down onto enemies – Zac

I really enjoyed the water maze because I got really soaked and it was really refreshing! – Arrow

I learnt that only posh people actually had a toilet and that wasn’t like our toilets – they sat on a wooden seat with a hole in it so everything went straight down into the moat below. – Sorcha

The yew maze was easy because I could see the exit as soon as I got to the statue in the middle. – Max

There was a very little chapel in the castle where they kept a really important little book. In the room next to the chapel there was really long blade sword. – Michael

My favourite part of the trip was going to the adventure playground because there was a zip wire and I nearly got lost inside the play castle. – Nathaniel T