Year 2 have been reading a wonderful Australian book this week: ‘What made Tiddalik laugh?’ In case you have heard various jumbled versions and are unsure as to how the story goes, here is Yva’s excellent re-telling of the story:

Tiddalik was a fat frog. He was a giant frog. He lived in Australia. One day he was very thirsty. He drank all the water in Australia. All the other animals were sad and thirsty. The wombat had an idea. He said “we have to make him laugh and the water will come out”. One said “what does he mean?” Some played jokes. Some did tricks. Some animals even sang silly songs. But Tiddalik did not laugh. Then the Platypus woke up with all the noise . She marched up her tunnel and was cross at the animals. Then she looked at Tiddalik. Tiddalik’s eyes popped out of his head. He started to laugh. Some drops came out of his mouth, then all the water same out of his mouth. The animals thanked Platypus. The waters came back and all the plants started to grow again. There are no more giant frogs in Australia.

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