Our children have also really enjoyed the start of the ‘Turrets & Tiaras’ topic; herewith some of their comments:

‘When I walked up the stairs outside the Pre-Prep on Monday morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The entrance looked like a castle. I was amazed!’(Darcy)

‘I was astonished to see that all the teachers were dressed up as royalty just for us!’ (Sorcha)

‘I wonder what we were going to be learning about. I hope that it would be about castles, knights and maybe dragons.’ (Harrison)

We recorded what we already know about castles and wrote down questions about what we want to focus on in our learning.

“What is the oldest castle in the world?’’ (Max)

‘Why do queens wear crowns ?’’ (Daisy)

We also wondered how we would behave if we were royalty:

If I were king, I would have fun, fantastic parties with the people from the village (Aran)

If I were queen I would buy £100 worth of slime and gold. I would also buy one thousand dogs. (Cornelia)

If I were king, I would help other people by giving them money and food. I would also give the police donuts! (Aiden)

If I were king, I would get a shiny, golden  jet and some smart clothes.(Oscar)

If I were king, I would buy lots of yummy ice-cream and a super red motorbike.(George L)

This half term we will be focusing on ‘Forces’ during science. If you have any bows and arrows that we could borrow, please let us know!