Visiting Standen House

The Year 2 children and staff had an amazing visit to Standen House in East Grinstead on Tuesday morning. During their visit they investigated the designs of William Morris who was famous for creating wallpaper prints and other interior designs using patterns inspired by nature. The children took a tour of the house and spotted as many of his designs as they could. It was interesting to see how different each design looked in a different colour way. Some of their favourite patterns were ‘Strawberry Thief’, ‘Willow’ and ‘Sunflower’. They were also able to handle an original printing block and a range of modern materials that are still using William Morris’ designs today. Matteo found it fascinating that William Morris could not draw birds, only plants, and so asked his friend to help him with his work – just like learning partners do at Copthorne!

In addition to learning about the Arts and Crafts movement, the children discovered some amazing facts about what it would have been like to live in Standen House over 100 years ago. Daisy was amazed by how small the baths were and Isobel decided that she definitely would not have liked the job of a scullery maid!

During the course of this half term, the children will be developing their own designs based on nature. They will then create their own printing blocks based on these designs so that they can experiment with repeating patterns in different colour ways. Perhaps we will discover the next William Morris in the making?

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