Students with headteacher

Wassily Kandinsky Art

14th September 2018

The second week has proved to be just as busy as the first. The children wrote about Hansel and Gretel, using adjectives to describe the gingerbread cottage that they found. Max K described the cottage door opening…’then the doorknob twisted, an old lady appeared.’ Avyanna wrote that the children ‘gobbled the sweets greedily and then the door opened…’

During Maths the children have been consolidating their understanding of number bonds and place value, using this to good effect to complete number square puzzles.

The children begun their lollipop pictures based on the work by the artist Wassily Kandinsky. The work is a multimedia picture, combining painting, collage and the use of pastels. A lot of fine motor skills were involved in the cutting, painting and drawing of concentric circles! The finished pictures looked spectacular.