Following their big write on Tuesday, the children have been working on making the masks that they designed last week. They wrote exciting stories about Marcello Mouse at the Masked Ball and remembered to include plenty of good vocabulary. A video clip, sent live from Venice this weekend, fired their imaginations and the results on their writing were evident.

The nativity rehearsals have picked up pace and the children are busy rehearsing for next week, Christmas is beginning to make an appearance in the classroom with the children making their own Christmas cards and Christmas decorations for the fair.

The children all enjoyed the visit by our Chaitali Bhakhai and Sejal Parekh, (Aarav’s & Mahi’s mums) who are both dentists. We found out about the importance of looking after our teeth and were given instructions on how to brush our teeth correctly. Did you know that you should not rinse your mouth out when you have finished cleaning your teeth? We now have the chart and stickers that were kindly given to us to remind and encourage us to brush our teeth at least twice a day. We also learnt which foods to avoid, as they erode the enamel on our teeth and which foods are better for our teeth.