What fun Punch and Judy shows are!

25th June 2018

We have enjoyed the traditional tales of Punch and Judy and have imagined how excited a Victorian child would have been to watch a puppet show whilst on their seaside holiday. We have used the dialogue as a catalyst to learning how to use speech marks, and are looking forward to performing a short Punch and Judy puppet show using some puppets.

Our clay tiles are now glazed and ready to go in the kiln again. We worked carefully to keep the glaze colours separate and we hope that you are impressed with our final products!

During Maths we have had our rulers out, measuring items around the classroom. Estimation has been a rather challenging skill for us, so please quiz us at home. It can be puzzling to figure out if a shoe is likely to have a length of 20 cm or 70 cm. We have also worked on telling digital time in five minute intervals. This year the children have done particularly well with learning to tell the time. Well done, Year 2s.