Students with headteacher

Writing lots of stories

7th March 2016

What busy days in Year 2! We have explored the different areas of Australia, plotted numbers on an unmarked number line and most importantly prepared lovely surprises for Mother’s Day.

We really enjoyed our session with Zehra Hick. Sammy’s favourite bit was seeing a book that Zehra has not yet finished and he’s looking forward to reading it in the summer … ‘Flying Lemurs’. Marcus and Felix most enjoyed writing their stories: Marcus wrote about a crocodile who likes kissing children, while Felix’s story was about a robber who robbed the queen, was sent to the dungeon, smashed the CCTV camera and broke out – then tried to find a job, but wasn’t successful so started robbing again! Savan’s story was about a little boy who likes sweets and chocolate … and gobbled up loads all in one go! How wonderful to hear how a visiting author can so inspire the children! Everyone is very excited about their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory costume for next week.