Students with headteacher

Year 2

17th January 2020

Ernest Shackleton sent us an advert that he published in the newspaper, asking for volunteers to travel aboard the ‘Endurance’ ship to Antarctica. Most of us were eager despite finding out about the gruelling conditions and low wages. After chiselling away at the advert frozen in a lump of ice, we wrote letters to Ernest Shackleton to persuade him that we were suitable candidates. We also planned what we would wear and compared clothing of polar explorers in the early 1900’s with those worn in modern days. The new ipads are helping us research penguins and we are using our new knowledge to create our own slideshow on penguins. Over the last fortnight both classes have had great fun creating polar shelters and searching for moss, reindeer moss and lichen. During DT we are working in groups to create a polar region with natural and man-made features.