Students with headteacher

Year 2

4th February 2020

We have begun our plans for writing diaries as our 1915s Shackleton crew. Lots of fun was had discovering the role we were assigned on board the Endurance from Shackleton himself! After working on constructing our own shelters, we understood just what a challenge Ernest Shackleton had in making sure everyone worked as a team! We are working on listening to the ideas of others and reaching group decisions. The welcome reward for our hard work was barbequing a whole trout and then enjoying sampling it. A number of us were surprised that we have all already eaten a ‘real fish’ as de-boning it and studying the gills made it seem like a new experience. These experiences have helped us add more detail to our diaries and we are becoming experts at describing aspects of polar life. We have sequenced events of the expedition on a timeline and created our amazing polar regions using lots of different materials – thank you for sending in your ‘junk modelling’ for us to use.