Students with headteacher

Year 2

7th February 2020

Year 2’s have been hard at work learning to tell the time. This is normally very challenging so we encourage ongoing practice at home using both analogue and digital time. This week the children have started compiling their own non-fiction booklets on a polar animal of their choice. This has involved doing research and identifying features of information books. Learning about global warming has really had an impact on the children. During Year 2 we weave a focus on environmental issues through all our topics as we understand that this is of such significance to the new generation. In science we had great fun looking at what materials make good insulators as we wrapped cups of ice and identified which melted the slowest. We all think we could make some very warm polar clothing now!

We are expanding to GCSE!

Parents have told us they need a quality senior school alternative, so from September 2021, pupils already at Copthorne or joining in Year 7 will be able to stay with us to Year 11. Our first GCSE exams will take place in 2026. 

Join us at our next Virtual Open Morning or read about our expansion to find out more.