Students with headteacher

Year 2

13th March 2020

Another busy week in Year 2. We have been spending time preparing for the Mother’s Day service which is now sadly cancelled, so later next week we shall try to share with you what we were doing. Some of the art work we have been doing is ‘Secret Squirrel’ so watch this space!In Literacy we spent our time being transported back to 1666 and writing an article for the London Gazette, relaying the disastrous events of the Great Fire of London.  We had to ensure that we used the past tense and talked about what had happened not what is happening. In Science Yr2 OS learnt how to waterproof materials; we had great fun seeing which materials were permeable and which impermeable! We then set about waterproofing our material using a variety of waxes. Yr2 DP were in Forest School cooking (and eating!) damper bread!The firefighters from East Grinstead Fire Department came to visit and we were able to see how much improvement has been made with the fire service of today compared to 1666, our modern fire engines are far more efficient than Keeling’s fire engine!