Students with headteacher

Year 2 News – Autumn Term

11th December 2019

Designing masks for a Venetian Masked Ball has been a wonderful, creative outlet for all our energy this week. We have used our imaginations to picture what disguises we may need at a ball, especially if we were like Marcello Mouse and found ourselves in a party dilemma! Sadly, we think Ethan would suffer serious consequences as his disguise has his name written large across the front (intentionally)!

Humanities work has focused on finding out about Venice and how different it is to London.

During Science we have taken our pulse before and after exercise and thought about what happens to our bodies when we exercise.

Mrs Potgieter’s class bought in their half-termly homework and we all enjoyed learning about special celebrations from each other. Once again we have been amazed with the effort the children have made and loved another opportunity to celebrate our individual pupils and our diversity. We look forward to celebrating with Mrs Owen and Mrs Shepherd’s class when they bring in their homework next week.