Students with headteacher

Year 2 News – Spring Term 2017 – Week 1

14th January 2017

We have had a wonderfully busy time in our first week of term! In maths we are revising 2 digit numbers and adding 9 and 11 the ‘short way out’.

We are investigating fame and how we could be famous. Look forward to a number of footballers and pop stars, and wealth seems to be an important factor!

Evie – I want to be famous for being a pop star. I want to be world famous. I will write songs and put them on YouTube.
Anishka – I want to be a famous swimmer because I want to win a gold medal at the Olympics.
Freddy – I want to be a famous palaeontologist. I will discover a new dinosaur.
Zak – If I could be famous I would be famous for writing books!
Rohan – I want to be like Mo Farah. I am determined and will keep practising.

We have also been making New Year’s resolutions:

Taylor said that his is to practice his handwriting at home;
Imogen said that she will try to go to bed early;
Whilst Anam would like to improve in gymnastics.

Let’s see if we can keep these promises for the whole year!