Students with headteacher

Year 2 News – Spring Term 2017 – Week 6

26th February 2017

The slightly warmer days set just the right atmosphere for our growing topic. This week we have looked at bulbs and seeds. We have revised the parts of plants and discussed their functions.

The children really enjoyed designing 3D models of cars, vans and buses using the purple mash program. Mrs Frith’s class and Mrs Potgieter’s/Mrs Penrose-Smith’s classes will be designing axles and wheels to support their models. Mrs Passmore’s class are going to use cardboard boxes, no bigger than a shoebox to make their vehicles. Please can the children in 2CP bring boxes to school for this purpose?

It is a busy half term because we are also learning about Australia. If you have any artefacts that the children can look at, please do bring them in.