Year 2 News – Summer Term 2017 – Week 3

9th May 2017

The Year 2 children were so fortunate to set off on a bright, sunny morning to visit Standen House. The interior of this local National Trust property was designed by William Morris and is a visual treat of curtains, carpets and furniture in the Arts and Crafts style. The children were guided through the colourful rooms by volunteers who had so many interesting facts to share. William Morris was called Topsy by his friends because of his mop of curly hair. This was later shortened to ‘Top’. We looked for fruit and flowers in the fabrics and everyone found the lip bath in the bedroom fascinating. Of particular interest was a bedside light that could be hooked into the wall above the bed, for reading. We were reminded of William Morris’ famous quote: ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’

We walked through the beautiful gardens to enjoy a picnic lunch in the sun, overlooking stunning countryside. Finally we played in the adventure playground, making dens and climbing trees … for many this was the highlight of the trip!

Harry – Year 2 went to Standen House. We went to the conservatory, they had cactuses and flowers. And we went in the bedroom it had lots of William Morris patterns on the wall and on the carpet. They had lots of chimneys. We went in the kitchen and they did not have a tap in the kitchen. When we went into the dining hall it had a fire place, it had lots of blue plates from China. After we had lunch we had a sandwich. Afterwards we went to the adventure playground, we built dens and I got on the climbing frame.

Liam – I visited Standen House with my class. We saw patterns of birds on the walls. We saw sitting rooms and I liked them. William Morris designed them. The house had a lot of chimneys. There were lots of plants in the conservatory. We had a guide who showed us the house. I played in a den in the woods it was fun.