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Year 2 News – Summer Term 2017 – Week 5

19th May 2017

Copthorne Prep School - Year 2 - Pond Dipping - Summer 2017When the weather was kind, the children investigated the school field and pond, to discover animal and plant habitats. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful natural surroundings, and the new pond area is a wonderful addition to our learning environment. Lucky children!
Following the Standen visit, we are busy preparing our print blocks for the big print next week. It is an exciting process!
Our maths topic has been measuring using standard units. We have weighed in kg and g and l and ml. 2CPs sweetcorn plants have grown 10cms in 3 weeks!
Although the pond life is still in its infancy, the children were very excited to find beetle larvae, pond snails, bloodworms and water boatmen!