Students with headteacher

Year 2 News – Summer Term 2017 – Week 8

17th June 2017

The most momentous event this week was Moving Up Day! The Year 2 children tentatively made their way across the field to Year 3 and came back with shining eyes, full of excitement about their new classes. The passports have been a great success and the quiz was particularly enjoyed. Some of the children wrote about their Moving Up morning:

Melia : ‘We played outside. We played a shoe game and we had to take off our shoes and throw it and
whoever threw it the furthest won.’
Freddy: ‘I played French cricket and I saw my sister.’
Noah: ‘We went to lunch and we had a try and they put our food on a grown up plate.’

We have also been working on our clay tiles to create undersea scenes, following our trip to Littlehampton. When the clay is dry we look forward to painting them.