Students with headteacher

Year 2 News – Week 10

27th November 2016

We have all enjoyed sharing our baby and toddler photos, and have used them to create attractive and interesting timelines. We have written about the different phases of our lives too.

Anishka: Here I am born. My eyes are closed in one picture and in the other picture I have lots of black hair.

Caden: Here I am at two years old. I can walk and talk. I like to play outside.

Noah: Now I am almost seven. I go to school. I can read and write and enjoy playing chess.

In maths we have studied directional language. Please help the children understand moving in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Mrs Potgieter’s class and a group of Mrs Frith’s class went to Dal Nonno’s again this week and had a wonderful time! Thank you again Adriana (Harry’s mummy) and family for hosting us. It was an educational visit with the added treat of a pizza for tea!