Year 2 News

Year 2 have started to look at our topic of ‘Seaside Holidays – Past and Present’ in more

detail. The children have been describing different sorts of beaches using amazing adjectives and also geographical vocabulary.

Bournemouth has a calm sea and very soft sand – Louis LL 

The Cornish beach has a couple of rocks and there are cirrus clouds – Maya 

They have also been interviewing their parents or grandparents about their holidays as children:

Freya: My mummy liked playing on the beach all day and rock-pooling in Salcombe. 

Nicko: My mummy went to stay in a caravan by the beach and loved building sandcastles. 

The winners of the Maths Games were Alexander, Emily, Louis R & Ruby H. It was a very difficult decision to make as they were all so brilliant. Please try to keep them in good shape as we will be asking the children to bring them back into school on a special day to let Year 1 & Reception play them. Well done everyone!

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