Year 2’s insight into World problems

It is Christian Aid week and many of the children impressed us with their insight into world problems:

In Ethiopia girls work harder than boys. If you own a cow you will be rich and everyone will think you are important – Danni 

People in Ethiopia think that cows are everything because they produce food so you can sell it and get more food. The family can eat and survive. Christian Aid has helped people in Africa to get cows so they can live – Ffion 

The children in Mrs Penrose-Smith’s class were interested to discover that in Ethiopia married woman do not wear wedding rings but instead have their hair braided to show that they have a husband.

Following on from last week’s talk about voting and the suffragette movement, Miss Atkinson’s class had a lively discussion about traditional male and female roles. They went on to talk about their own aspiration for the future and how they might achieve their goals.

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