Animal Magic in French

On Tuesday years 3,4 and 5 had great fun singing and dancing along to the story of Lapin and his friends. During the morning pupils attended a fun-filled workshop, where they practised songs, acted out excerpts from the story and learnt about French speaking countries and new French words. By the afternoon they were all ready for the big performance. All the children joined in with the songs and watched avidly as the actors performed the play.
This is what Lani (year 5) thought;
‘ I really enjoyed the play that the theatre company did. It was quite fantastic especially Zobolak the Zombie. My favourite character was Lapin because he was amusing and quite mischievous and intelligent. The other animals were fantastic and I really loved it!’

This is the second time that Copthorne have attended a production by this theatre company and we hope that this will continue to be a regular event as this is a great way to enthuse children to learn languages through music, drama and even geography! Madame Dodson

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