Students with headteacher

Another day of blue skies!

27th March 2018

Tuesday – Lots of sun in the big blue sky. Franz is a happy man. Children all fed and watered far more efficiently than yesterday. Even the Year 6 girls made themselves look beautiful in record time. Note to parents: the only children who were homesick last night were the ones who had spoken to them on the phone! LJ hair salon tackled NvH hair this morning. A brave task but completed without trauma or scissors! Hot skiers yesterday encouraged to take a layer or two off and to lose the thermal leggings. Sun cream applied and helmets, gloves, goggles lunch voucher and pocket money all checked! CA only has one glove, the other lost between the gondola and the boot room – hopefully we will find it today. Fortunately Franz has a bag of spare gloves/goggles/arms and legs so can cover most eventualities.

Quote of the day do far from FT “DR won the prize for the most epicist crash”. DR looking good after his epicist crash! Now tucking into pasta lunch!

LG joining the staff for an afternoon rest – second day in a row! RG ticking off all the pistes he has skied on the piste map. Only “the wall” the steepest black to go! DvH very happy as they have moved him up a group. TM lost one glove. She was adamant that she had not taken it inside the Yeti, but miraculously that is where it was found. It must have crawled inside by itself when she wasn’t watching!

Franz is not quite sure about the merits of taking children to a magnificent ice cream shop, filling them up with sugar and then coke or Fanta etc. and then taking them back to the hotel for supper! HE has enjoyed “thirds” of ice cream!

Children all preparing for room inspection. ISI (Independent Ski Inspectors) are checking that clothes are all folded, bathrooms are tidy, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel has been used, towels are wet, bribes are generous (yes, staff inspecting can be bribed by chocolate, sweets, alcohol, cigars etc). HE has locked his key in his room, so Sibyl Fawlty ( the hotelier’s wife) has had a sense of humour failure, and has rather reluctantly gone up with the master key to open the room. They have lass time than the rest to get their rooms ready for inspection.

JAB and MAB on the phone to their parents! They have been great value on this trip!  JM has now locked himself out of his room so Sibyl is not amused again!

Year 6 girls (plus GG) gave the room inspectors a singing introduction (like a barbershop quartet)!

CF was the hostess with the mostess who tried to charm his way to first place.

ISI Inspectors are impressed with the bribes – especially RH: EV who presented the inspectors with a beer bottle (filled with Vimto). They may have won except that they were chewing gum which is banned!!

Snowing at the Hotel
Supper Time
Supper Time
Supper Time
Supper Time
Yummy pasta after an epic wipeout!
A happy Emily!
On our way up the mountain with LJ!
My third ice cream!
Chilling in the snow!
Happy to have moved up a group!
On our way down the mountain with Mrs Franz
More chilling in the snow!
Having lunch with Franz!
On our way to the mountain for a day’s skiing!
Franz’s lunch mates!
Such a big burger for lunch!
A happy and loud WC!