Congratulations to the following children who have been successful in their Associated Board exams which took place in March:

Associated Board Examination Results

 Alexander H  Theory Grade 2 Pass
 Sheen D  Theory Grade 2 Distinction
 Nicholas H  Theory Grade 3 Pass
 Alastair H  Theory Grade 3 Pass
 Victoria M  Piano Initial Test Distinction
 Charlotte P  Piano Prep Test  
 Isabel S  Piano Prep Test  
 Ava F  Flute Prep Test  
 Cosmic R  Violin Grade 1 Pass
 Biba M  Singing Grade 1 Pass
 Ella B  Piano Grade 1 Merit
 Eva Z  Piano Grade 1 Distinction
 Lila B  Flute Grade 2 Merit
 Tanishka M  Singing Grade 2 Merit
 Emily W  Clarinet Grade 3 Pass
 Joseph A  Piano Grade 3 Pass
 Alexander H  Piano Grade 3 Merit
 Ellie D  Singing Grade 3 Distinction
 Louis L-L  Singing Grade 4 Pass
 Gabrielle H  Singing Grade 4 Merit
 Liban A  Singing Grade 4 Merit
 Rosie H  Singing Grade 5 Pass
 Nicholas H  Singing Grade 5 Pass