Students with headteacher

First day on the mountain

26th March 2018

0715 wake up … ready for 0730 breakfast was a bit ambitious for day one! Some girls a little slow, applying last minute finishing touches! LJ hair salon in full swing –  ASR’s hair is even longer than last year – Franz recommends the Little Princess Trust! Breakfast was cereal, croissants, bread jams etc with juice, chocolate or double expresso for Franz! All sorted out with lift passes, medicards, EHIC cards, pocket money, sun cream, gloves, goggles, glasses, helmets etc. Arriving at ski hire now to collect skis and get on the gondola to find the snow! Yippee !!!

On a gondola with CA, LP, CD and Mrs Franz who always has sweets. I’m trying to win the competition for who can make it last the longest! Sadly Franz has crunched rather than sucked so he is destined to lose!

Children all sorted into ski groups. Epipens/inhalers/ happy pills all distributed and they are off!  Franz and family heading off to the Yeti Bar for the traditional school ski trip second breakfast and a moments peace! Rescue helicopter has just flown over – but Franz is sitting next to the Interski medical rep who has not had a call yet so all is good! MA/RG /NA all gone off to clock up the miles. Oh the energy of youth – Franz needs to pace himself!!

Coffee time now an we are just soaking up the sun. Even LJ mad managed fo force her injured trotter into a ski boot and ski gently. She can only turn right which makes life a little difficult!

Franz’ knees are telling him he has done enough on day one! It is harder to keep up with the younger staff these days! The cripple (LJ) skied really well despite the injury but stopped at lunchtime with Mrs Franz – Franz thinks that this was a good plan rather than trying to keep up with NA!

All back – tired but excited. Who skied the fastest? Who had the most spectacular fall? Who fell over the most? Some of the beginners were too hot so need to wear less layers tomorrow.

Apparently Franz has made a typo with the hotel phone number and parents are fussing a private house close by! Whoops. The hotel number is 0039 0165 78210. Apologies to the neighbour who has been receiving all your calls. 1830 is a good time to call as we have supper at 1900. Call on Franz or Mrs Franz number if easier!

CF playing Bears v Babies game with Year 6 boys. WC still loud – but he has just had twins! Lots of healthy looking faces after a day in the sun. Staff all stiff having used muscles they have not used since this time last year. Respect to LJ for skiing with a broken bone in her foot, but she clearly takes after her mother and is a toughy not a fluffy!! Bears v babies game getting a bit raucous so LC had to get her angry voice out. Much quieter now!!

Children all doing a quiz after supper which was delicious. Pasta followed by roast chicken and mashed potatoes and then ice cream. Teams of 5 for the quiz; mixed ages with Year 8 boys as team captains. Younger children given the option of taking part or going to bed early and TF & FT opted for bed. The first round was skiing related anagrams. Round two is naming Disney characters. Third round is dingbats, fourth round is naming biscuits – jammy dodgers etc. Franz is a bit worried about the intellectual capabilities of his group when the anagram question was “you are here to learn how to IKS and one group answered KIS! I know those pesky hormones have kicked in but surely we must have taught them to spell it properly! Last round is guess the celebrities – I wonder if Franz Klammer makes an appearance! Granny Finnegan would get him right!

All safely tucked up in bed now, teeth brushed, bedtime stories read and teddies being cuddled – and that is just the staff! Dreaming again of blue skies and empty pistes although the forecast for tomorrow is for cloud. Franz signing off for the night. Good night all or as Franz would say Guten Nacht!