Students with headteacher

Another day on the slopes!

29th March 2018

We have a rabbit joining us on the slopes!
A misty valley, but the sun is shining.

Herd all fed and watered again. Copthorne machine all well oiled again and normal swift and efficient service is resumed. Latecomers from yesterday were early today. Franz goes into autopilot “helmets, gloves, goggles, suncream, pocket money, lunch voucher, lift pass, Medicard, brains – check!” Franz wonders why the same children often cannot get to a lesson in school with a pencil but they can remember all the stuff they need to ski!! Suncream physically applied to CA who clearly has not been putting enough on. It’s misty in the valley but the sun is out above the mist. Breakfast was smooth as Sybil was off duty! Children have now discovered that the coffee machine also does hot chocolate so there is a queue! LJ still trying to perfect French plaits although everything looks like pig tails to Franz!

TM not feeling well after breakfast so after one run she kept LJ company in the Yeti. A bottle of water, 2 kinder eggs and a portion of chips later – she clearly is feeling better, so she has now rejoined he group for lunch and afternoon skiing!

The bear chasing the rabbit!

Head of Science has just remembered that she has not asked MB to feed the fish in the Science Lab! Hopefully they are still alive and not floating belly up!!!!

MB has confirmed that all the fish are alive and kicking – well not actually kicking as they have fins not feet – but all alive and finning! Phew.

Back on the coach now heading back to the hotel. Loud Year 6 boys obviously have not skied hard enough as they are currently arguing about where they went today. Distinctive voices include RF/ WC/RS/ RF again? Out for pizza tonight so back for quick change then back on the coach. MAB has pizza at lunchtime so she will have more tonight! Yummy. Mr & Mrs Franz hoping for a romantic table for two but it’s not likely to happen!

Franz has showered and changed and is amazed that FT/TF/TM/DvH have all managed to shower without getting their hair wet and dress in remarkably the same clothes as they wore for skiing. Still, what goes on tour stays on tour and all that!!! DR very tunefully singing in the shower- at least he has had a shower unlike some!

We have enjoyed more pizza than you can poke a stick at and still MA and RG are going strong, complete with hot chilli dressing – Franz is glad he is not sharing a room with them. The children are all stuffed (and I do use that word correctly) and are now waiting for ice cream. Some Year 3’s are ready for bed! So is Franz!

SD managed to finish his pizza with no cheese  – just like Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda!
Karan trying to control the girls on either side of him!
Pizzas are starting to arrive

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