The sun is out so LJ and Mrs Franz may take some shifting!
Two happy brothers!

Wednesday breakfast – Year 8 girls a bit slow to get out of bed and gown for breakfast! LJ thinks she should charge for her hairdressing salon in the mornings – all long haired girls brushed, bunched or ponytailed! Not much she can do with Franz’s close cropped grey locks!

The well oiled Copthorne machine ground to a halt this morning as RH & TC almost missed the bus as they were late! LJ had to hobble up the stairs to their room to find them! Franz cannot believe they still have not learn to tell the time by Year 8. Either that or they need to take lessons from the Year 6 and 7 girls who can make themselves look beautiful in half the time!

Pre-flight checks all completed. Helmet, check. Gloves – check. Two of – check. One left and one right – check. Goggles – check. Suncream – check. Lunch voucher – check. Pocket money – check. Late comers found the bank closed! Ski pass – check. EHIC – check. Medicard – check. All aboard and off we go! WAIT, EV and TC ( again) need to go back to their rooms for gloves!!! Franz sighs the sigh of a skiing correspondent who has been through this routine a million times! It snowed at the hotel last night so their should be lots of powder up top. The sun is winning the battle with the clouds so it could be a BEAU- tiful day to quote Bruce Almighty! RF could not get his seat belt on because he was pulling the wrong belt!

Franz and family had a long second breakfast this morning! Yeti coffee is much better than hotel coffee. ASR wanted a French platt this morning, but unfortunately the French platt lady in LJ’s salon was off, so she had pig tails instead! Correction from the hair stylist herself – they were two plaits instead not pig tails!

Guess who we found in the Yeti !!

Orianne and family have come across from Chamonix to join us for tubing.Sun has gone in, wind is getting up- may snow later.

Children going tubing soon, Children having fun – so is RG who is proof that the science works – mass + gravity = speed! For those who remembered last years trip when NA thrashed Orianne in a ski race by 3/1000 of s second! Well OG has challenged him to a rematch on a tube!! OG won the tubing race so honours are even at one each! Mrs Franz has just popped to the pharmacist to buy a new toothbrush for the twins! RG probably had the most fun tubing – he certainly clocked up the fastest speed and HE and DR had to leap out of the way to avoid being bowled over. Apparently FT had a spectacular crash. CA lost a glove I lent him to replace his glove lost yesterday. Fortunately it was found on the floor ( the replacement not the original!) Talking of replacements Franz is wondering how long his aged knees will last! All quiet on the coach heading back to the hotel. Time to shower and change before supper! I wonder if it is pasta again!!

Staff just about to start room inspection. Marks given for tidiness, quality of bribes, musical introduction, etc, checks made on hand luggage to see if all perishable goods have been thrown away. Checks made to see if appropriate amounts of toothpaste and shower gel have been used! Checks made to see if rubbish is all in the bins, nothing is stuffed under the beds! Checks made to see if ski clothes are neatly laid out ready for the morning with wet gloves on the radiators! ISI inspectors have returned to compare notes.

NvH having a nap on the way to the slopes!


All ready to go!
The view into the valley