Students with headteacher

It’s a Good Friday!

30th March 2018

Good Friday – and it is a good Friday as the sun is shining despite the forecast for snow! Breakfast was smooth despite a later night after pizza. Franz even got s smile out of Sybil – then again it may just have been wind! Year 3 girls who have been brilliant all week locked their key in their room. We only noticed when NvH was about to get on the coach in her socks.TM have you put on suncream – yes – well put some more on. How many people need the bank – 3 hands go up. Ok you three go with the bank manager (who was protesting that it is a bank holiday so he shouldn’t really be opening at all). 20 children all got up to go up the bank! Either Franz can’t count or children don’t communicate well enough.

Franz has taken a chance this morning and only asked the children if they gave everything they need rather than itemising each article! By day 5 most children have a good idea but this is Popcorn Prep and anything could happen!

Note to Franz: do not follow Head of Science up Cous 1 in zero visibility. Franz legs have turned to jelly and he is skiing like a beginner! Franz fell. Not a gentle delicate and graceful fall but a full on face plant complete with blue netting and some rope around his left boot. Fortunately Head of Science was so far ahead it remained un-photographed!

Visibility at the top of Couis 1. No wonder Franz fell.

Franz finally made it back to the Yeti for a large brandy! His body had been bent into shapes he has not made for 30 years! He will be stiff tomorrow- just in time for 20 hours on the coach. Franz should have stayed with Mrs F and LJ drinking coffee in the bar!

The 2 amigo’s + LC have gone back outside to brave the elements! Franz has refused to move- partly because he is finding it difficult to move and partly because he has lost all trust in Head of Science to keep him alive! Franz has post traumatic stress disorder and is reliving falls in slow motion. His lower back is still complaining!

Captain Scott and her friends have made it back to the Yeti grudgingly admitting that conditions were not good and they should have stayed with Franz. Captain Oats (RG) has not returned- he may be out there for some time! Phew. Captain Oats has returned – alive and kicking (much like the fish in the lab)! Staff remenissing about previous trips and the highs and lows. Not many lows on this trip yet – although Franz will reserve judgement until later. His back feels broken and the joys of getting 45 children all packed up tonight is filling him with delight.

Sibyl has insisted that all rooms need to be vacated before breakfast and then when children return after skiing tomorrow they can shower and change in selected rooms only. Franz can feel his blood pressure rising just writing about it!

There are lots of new photos in the photo gallery.

All safely down the mountain- snowing at the top means rain at the bottom. Snow/rain means it is cold so children all back on the coach with the heating on! Franz having a hot flush – another symptom of PSD – or is it that he is just getting old!

Franz came down in. Gondola with TM, SN and TM. One of the had been skiing with their boots on the wrong feet!

Luca has been sorted out In the boot room – message for Dad from Mrs Franz!

Children have done well packing, with just the finishing touches to do in the morning. Everybody and everything has to be out of their rooms by breakfast which is 30 minutes earlier tomorrow, so wake up call will be at 6.45am. Franz is not likely to ski tomorrow – struggling to sit comfortably with a medicinal red!

Soup or pasta for starter followed by fish and potatoes. No bones and surprisingly most of the children enjoyed it.

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