Students with headteacher

Last day on the slopes

31st March 2018

Easter Saturday – Last day of skiing for children – staff all stopped! Possibly in sympathy for Franz who couldn’t even do his shoe laces up this morning! Once again Copthorne children rose to the challenge of packing bags and moving out of their rooms without too much fuss. All rooms are clear but whether all children have got the right clothes in the right bag is a different story!

Presentation night was good with all the instructors coming to the hotel and presenting certificates to the children.

Sibling and presentation photos are below!

Franz is wondering if the tooth fairy comes to Italy! GG & SN have both lost teeth (quite naturally) and the tooth fairy (LJ) forgot to arrive! It will be difficult tonight as the children sleep on the coach! Franz is very out of touch with the going rates for teeth these days.

Staff have all moved from the Yeti to Gallagher’s Irish restaurant – Franz wonders if it is any relation to Leah!

Skiing is over for 2018. The group all safely down the mountain, skis, poles, boots and helmets all returned and we are now on the coach returning to the hotel. Children will all shower, change and then the coach will be loaded. We have supper and depart at around 1830. RF may have taken the “loudest tourist medal” from WC! HB going skiing with his parents next week – I hope they can keep up with him!

All showered and changed, coach loaded and team just waiting for supper. Noise levels rising, Franz’ blood pressure rising! Not looking good for a quiet trip home! Everyone in blue Copthorne hoodies except one who has packed it in his case that was first on the coach so impossible to access.

The tooth fairy has come at last!
A photo For Cornelia.
Baby beginners have arrived for lunch.
Staff Rummy Match
And they are off!