Students with headteacher

Learning all about how dogs are helping others

9th November 2018

On Tuesday, 6 November Copthorne were visited by The Dog Trust. Year 4 attended workshop all about senses and played a game where they had to identify objects using only one of their senses at a time! At the end they were also lucky enough to stroke Paddy the dog after asking to stroke him first which is what you must do before stroking any dogs!

Today we had so much fun. We played a game using our senses to guess what was in the bag. We learnt that dogs can see far very well but everything can become blurry when it’s to near to their eyes. I liked Paddy the dog! Natalie

The Dog Trust finds dogs that are strays or abandoned a better family. I really enjoyed learning all about dogs and senses. Sienna

I learnt that dogs can only see some colours especially blue and yellow and that dogs actually have five senses like us humans! Levahna

I learnt that dogs have 5 senses just like us! Jack

I learnt that the Dog Trust helps dogs to find their owners or get them a nice loving family. Harrison

You must always ask to stroke any dog before you do it and you must make a flat plate with your hand when feeding them. Natasha