Our ability to simulate possible futures is unique to humans.  It is called ‘prospecting’. It helps us decide how to act.

Year 7 are journeying into the future. This can have a number of benefits:

Help them to make more prudent decisions – link their actions ‘now’ to what they want in the future.

Help them to motivate themselves to achieve their goalsunderstand that sometimes a little discomfort now, might   lead to greater gains in the future.

Improve their psychological wellbeing – making decisions, reaching goals, problem solving….all combat negative thinking and depression. Thinking optimistically about the future (whilst predicting possible obstacles and planning for them) can improve relationships, gratitude, and life satisfaction.

At the end of their individual Timeline session students tell me they feel more confident, that they want to work harder for the future and that it is comforting to have a plan and know they have control over the life story they write for themselves.