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22nd April 2018

If you want to be skilled, competent, good at, a master of … learn, practise and evaluate (whether you do that consciously or unconsciously).

If you want to be a good musician, you study and learn your instrument. If you want to be an athlete, you study and learn your sport. If you want to be a good Leader, you study and learn from mentors, books, courses etc. In all these areas it is common (and accepted) to ask for help and guidance.

Why is it that ‘parenting’ (possibly the hardest thing you will ever do!), is so often left to ‘chance’. If you want to master ‘parenting’….it makes sense to study it!

So here are just a few brilliant and up to date sites and books/workbooks with practical guidance that are my go-to for information when I work with parents:

  • Parenting with Love and Logic & Parenting Teens with Love and Logic – Cline and Fay. (anything on utube with/by Jim/Charles Fay is great. He has written a book for grandparents too!). They also have a facebook page.
  • Stephen Biddulph – last year he delivered to a packed Chequer Mead – Raising Girls, and Raising boys, and 10 things girls need most.
  • Teenagers Translated (how to raise Happy Teens) Downshire and Grew. They dip into the neuro-biology of becoming a teenager which will give you insight and change the way you manage your teens.
  • Linda Stade Facebook page. BRILLIANT. If you only take one thing from reading this newsletter piece, subscribe.
  • Hey Sigmund Facebook Page and articles by Karen Young
  • Parenting Ideas Facebook page
  • Artse wu facebook page

I regularly post articles (from these providers)  about parenting and teenagers from these sources on my facebook page:

Happy reading!              

Jenny Tower