Last week I wrote about PACE. What did you decide? Were you fast paced, buzzing, go-go-go, outgoing, optimistic, energetic, involved, enthusiastic, proactive OR more moderately paced, private, realistic, reflective, steady, careful and methodical?

What is your child’s? Is it LIKE you or DIFFERENT?

The PACE that we do things (or process information) can be an issue if there is a mismatch. It can be an issue if there is a deadline to meet and we have to speed up. It can be an issue if we need to slow down and think in more detail. Do you feel impatient (you want them to speed up), or do you feel rushed and pressurised (you want them to slow down) If it is different, where does that show up? How do you deal with it? Do you get frustrated with the pace they do things? (e.g too fast and inattentive to detail or too slow and methodical, perhaps missing out on the bigger picture?)

How could you step towards them and modify your pace … and “meet them at their bus-stop”? Modifying pace shows awareness and empathy. If you are a fast paced adult and your child is more moderate, you might be unaware of all the stuff bubbling round their heads! It takes a change of gear to drive tandem with your child sometimes.

My suggestion for this week – be more aware of pace – yours and the people around you. How do your kids do things in general? Do they need more time or do they need you to get things moving?