Students with headteacher

Life Coaching – The DISC Model of Human Behaviour: The ‘C’ Child

16th March 2018


Hi – my name is Jenny and I am the Life Coach at Copthorne Prep.

If you have read the previous weeks’ blogs, can you tell which is your child’s ‘lead’ style? (we all tend to be a ‘blend’ of DIS & C, but for ease, let’s just focus on their most obvious traits).

So, your child might be a C? – Cautious, Compliant (follows rules), Conscientious, Contemplative, Careful, Calculating … do they love detail/information/facts? Do they take longer on homework than they need to? Do they set high standards for themselves (and others)? Do they ask lots of questions? Do they like to work alone? Are they disciplined, realistic, organised?

Parenting tip for a ‘C’ child …

  • Your parenting style will probably be determined by your personality style, but here are a few general tips …
  • Help them understand that it is OK to make mistakes and these help them ‘grow’: C children can be very self-critical. Acknowledge success through attitude, focus and effort rather than grade of score. Make mistakes yourself – role model this is healthy and human.
  • Encourage spontaneity and fun: C’s can be serious … encourage them to have unstructured time. Gently steer them towards trying new things and enjoying the company of others.
  • Be aware of their need for privacy: ‘C’ children are reserved, introspective, independent (happy with their own company) and quiet. They make friends slowly and cautiously, needing to establish trust. Play-dates would benefit from a ‘doing’ or task-focus activity.