Hi – my name is Jenny and I am the Life Coach at Copthorne Prep.

If you have read the previous weeks’ blogs, can you tell which is your child’s ‘lead’ style? (we all tend to be a ‘blend’ of DIS & C, but for ease, let’s just focus on their most obvious traits).

So, your child might be a ‘S’ Style? – Steady, Stable, Self-sacrificing, Sensitive, Supportive, likes the status-quo, hates conflict and confrontation, a great listener, calm, reliable, indecisive, gets on well with most people, respectful of authority, sometimes difficult to ‘read’ (they wear the ‘mask’ they think you want to see and don’t want to bother you with their woes), resists change and likes things to stay the same?

Parenting tip for a ‘S’ child …

Your parenting style will probably be determined by your personality style, but here are a few general tips

Do not spring surprises on them: it takes the S child time to adapt to changes. Try to tell them in


Use household routines: getting up, bedtimes, meal times etc. Consistency gives the S child security and comfort.

Help your child to express themselves: S children are very sensitive but often hold feelings inside. Ask about thoughts, feelings of particular events. Be a role model and talk about your emotions and show them it is ok to be vulnerable and expressive.

Next week the C child …