Life in Year 3…

The Year 3’s have been working very hard over the last half-term and quite rightly ended it on a particular high note in the last week of this half-term.

To end their History topic – Ancient Greece – we had a Greek Food Tasting lesson where we tasted various different foods. They started off with some Pita bread dipped in Taramasalata, Houmous, Greek yogurt and Tzatziki. Although it wasn’t to everyone’s taste, particularly the Tzatziki as it has got quite a strong taste; we all braved the olives, stuffed vine leaves and feta cheese too. To top it all off there was some Baklava to sweeten things up a little at the end.

The much looked forward Geography topic of Mexico was also started and kicked off with a little bit of atlas work and a fantastic DVD about Mexico kindly brought in by one of our mothers. We’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage children and their parents to bring in any artifacts etc. that has got something to do with our topic as it always makes our learning more fun.

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