Math’s Day

I thought Maths Day was fantastic. I especially liked it when we found the numbers outside. Nathalie Keen

Maths’ Day was great. My best part was running about finding the numbers. Thank you.           Joshua Higgs

Maths’ Day was fun! It was very exciting I liked the jigsaws and the number hunting.                  Jack Pendlebury

I think Maths’ Day was great fun. I loved the puzzles. Working in a team was also great.   Victoria Smith

I loved Maths’ Day, especially the estimating bit. The puzzle bit was really hard and we got only 1 puzzle done which was the green one. The running bit was easy.                                          Zara Everington

I think Maths’ Day was the best ever. My best thing was finding the numbers. We could not do it at first, but we found them in the end. But the best thing was working with my team.            Jessica Bright


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