At the start of the term I thought it was prudent to remind everyone, parents and children of the end of day routines so everyone gets to the right place at the right time, and children and parents are not lost!

At the start of the day, Tutors will ask the children what they are doing at 4.40 pm, so it is important that they know this information. They either go Home at 4.40 pm: go to an Activity/Club then home at 5.20, go to an Activity then Tea then home at 6.00 pm (or later); or they are Boarding.

On Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri – the sign out board is in the following places at the following times.

4.40 pm Downstairs in the New Block for those children going home at 4.40 pm.

4.55 pm In the Library. Children not signed out by this time will be sent to the Library to read whilst they wait for their parents.

5.20 pm Downstairs in the New Block for those signing out after clubs.

5.40 pm In the French Room in the Main Building for those waiting for their parents and those who have finished Tea.

After 6.00 pm children still at school will be with the Boarders and Duty Staff, so may be still in the French Room, the ICT Room in the Main Building or outside on the fields. The Duty Staff can always be contacted by phone on 07714 255324. It is worth putting this number into your mobile phones for future reference! 

On Wednesdays – School ends at 3.45 pm, and children can sign out from this time downstairs in the New Block. Some children are involved in Sports fixtures, so end times will vary. Home games are usually finished by 4.15 pm but away teams may not return until 5.30 pm or later. Team sheets, which will contain the return time, are published on the website, on the sports corridor in the Main Building and the ladies in the Office also have this information.

All children not involved in sports fixtures, will be in the New Block from 3.45 pm and can be signed out from there until 5.40 pm. Chess club on Wednesdays does not start until 4.40 pm so chess players need to go to the New Block first, and will then be sent to Chess later. After Chess, at 5.20 pm children can be signed out in the French Room. The late invitation Chess group ends at 6.45 pm and children should be collected from the French Room in the Main Building.

Children should not sign out until their parents have been seen at school! 

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