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The Year 3’s have had a fairly busy half-term since January with lots of changes and new faces. We have met Mr. Maguire and have been enjoying his fantastic expertise in Year 3 and have said a sad farewell to Mrs. Barrie.


There’s been the excitement of the snow and the disappointment of all the indoor breaks because of the rain. The music concert was postponed because of the ever increasingly bad weather conditions just to be held a week later with great excitement as the irony of snow dawned on us. Nevertheless the concert was a great success as the children displayed a variety of talents and even greater courage as they took to the stage to perform their nerve wrecking solos in front of their parents. So huge congratulations to all of them.


As the last week of half term drew to an end, the children had the opportunity to experience some Greek food tasting as a finale to our History topic of Ancient Greece. There were a whole variety of foods to taste like; pita bread, houmous, taramasalata, tzatziki, olives, stuffed vine leaves, greek yogurt, feta cheese and some baklava to sweeten the taste buds at the end. Admittedly the food tasting did provide the teachers with great entertainment as the faces pulled and the cheeks flushed when tastes weren’t quite what they expected. It also provided some fantastic pictures, which parents can see on the wall between the two classrooms for a lovely display.


We’ve also recently started with a new topic in Geography. We’ll be comparing and contrasting during a case study about Mexico. We’ve already received some fantastic resources from parents and are indeed very grateful for those and would like to encourage parents and children to bring in anything else that might be relevant as it makes our learning so much more fun. We’ll also have the privilege in the next couple of weeks that one of our Mexican parents will come in to answer some of our questions about Mexico.

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