Students with headteacher

A busy week in 4TC

28th May 2018

This week, 4TC visited the school pond as part of their Science Habitat Topic. Using the keys and databases the children have been learning about, they were able to identify lots of the pond creatures they found including water boatman, pond skaters, dragonfly larvae and nymphs, with even a small newt making an appearance! In Maths, they have been studying direction and co-ordinates, with everyone having a go at plotting and drawing some cartoon co-ordinates this week, can you guess who they are?

In English using their class reader ‘Holes’ the pupils took part in hot-seating activities, and wrote about some of the different characters from their viewpoints, Matthew was Stanley, and Tianna was the warden ! In History the pupils created a storyboard on the Viking story of ‘Thor’ all ready for after half term, where they will be making puppets and retelling the story as a puppet show. The pupils also got together in groups in Drama and started to rehearse the abridged version of ‘Macbeth’, ready to perform next half term!