This week 4TC have had a very busy, but fun, first week back! In Maths, they have been learning all about data handling and used Haribo to create their very own pictograms. Smarties had to be sorted into the different colours and the data recorded in a frequency table, before creating their own bar charts, and of course they got to sample the data at the end! In English, they have been creating Kennings poems, all about ‘Holes’, using nouns and verbs, with phrases like ‘snakes-slithering’, ‘holes-deepening’, ‘sun-scorching’ and ‘lizards-scurrying’. They were so good that Year 6 and Mrs. Litchfield came to read a few and to guess what we were writing about! We have also been busy making things this week and using masks they had made in RS, the children acted out the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’. In the History lessons, they made Viking puppets, from the Story of ‘Thors Hammer’ which are to be used for a puppet show that is being performed next week.