Students with headteacher

Dogs Trust Visit

11th December 2019

This week children from Years 1 to 4 enjoyed a visit from the Dogs Trust. Year 4 children learnt all about staying safe and being responsible around dogs and also undertook a workshop all to do with senses, tying in with their sound topic in Science. Here is what some of the Year 4 pupils learnt;

Beagles have one of the best senses of smell – Aiden

Their touch, taste and eyesight is not as good as humans – Ara

Dogs smell is amazing and so is their hearing. It is so good they can hear from far away – Darcy 

Dogs can not see more than 50cm infront of them – Michael

Dogs can smell out of both their nostrils at the same time. Like one nostril popcorn and the other nostril hotdogs if at a fayre – Tara 

Dogs can not see red and green. Dogs also have an extra layer on their eyes to help them see in the dark and this is why their eyes glow in the dark – Aaryan